Christmas Gift Ideas for the Home Cook 2018

Posted on 16/11/2018

When you want to find the best gifts for cooks just look for items that make things easier for them in the kitchen. This is where they happily spend most of their time, and will be glad to receive any new gadget that helps them work more easily.


Add some spice and flavour to your kitchen with this attractive space-saving stainless steel spice rack that holds 20 of the most popular gourmet spices. Selecting the spice of your choice is quick and easy with this traditional easy-to-access spice rack. The glass jars have attractively embossed caps with shaker lids for ease of use. This rack comes with 20 filled spices including rosemary, parsley, cinnamon, dill, fennel and ginger.

Aladdin Latte Leak-Lock

Stainless steel travel mug double-walled insulated stainless steel mug for coffee to go. I found it fits under most coffee machines and maintains temperature, taste and aroma for longer.
It comes with leak LockTM technology – a 100% leak-proof fastener with additional safety. It has never leaked in my rucksack or handbag and I have used it for soups too! It’s dishwasher-safe and BPA-free


bamix® is the smallest yet most efficient and versatile kitchen appliance in the world. Thanks to the various bamix® accessories, the appliance is the ideal helper for a huge range of tasks. It can be used to chop, mince, purée, emulsify, mix, blend, froth, grind, pulverise, grate and whip food. At the same time, the bamix® is extremely easy to operate and clean.  The powerhouse. bamix® Superbox the complete kitchen robot Complete with: multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater, meat mincer, processor, 1000 ml jug, SwissLine stand and SliceSy®.


Everyone knows someone who is naughty or nice. Next time show them by adding Zoku’s Naughty Or Nice Ice into their glass. This playful silicone ice mold comes in a set of eight—perfect for your next get together. Once frozen simply remove the legible word ice by inverting the silicone—no rinsing required. The bold word ice is specifically designed to fit into double old-fashioned glasses.


Renowned for their strength and durability, wood fibre cutting boards have been used in professional kitchens around the world for many years. Victorinox’s premium-grade medium Allrounder Cutting Board is a versatile, durable, and non-porous chopping board designed for everyday use in the home kitchen, whether you’re cutting, chopping, slicing, or setting down hot pans.  It looks good to boot, so can be used as a serving platter, too.