New Brand - NoStik

New Brand - NoStik


NoStik has officially joined our portfolio, we are the UK distributor for NoStik's range of reusable, non-stick liners, shelves and trays. The range enables fat free cooking thanks to their non-stick properties which remove the need for butter, oils and fats during the cooking process. Furthermore, the reusable nature of NoStik products helps consumers save money and reduce waste.

"We are happy to grant the distribution of NoStik to Burton McCall, known in the industry as a world class distributor. We are confident they will serve our stockists with the service level they expect and grow the market presence of NoStik".
Jeroen Bergen, head of sales at NoStik.

“We are thrilled to be adding NoStik to the Buron McCall brand portfolio, the fit is perfect. We’re extremely excited to see how we can further develop the brand in the UK.”
Michelle Dickinson, managing director of Burton McCall.

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