Prince Charles is pictured pruning trees on the grounds of Dumfries House

Posted on 20/11/2018

The Prince of Wales is pictured pruning trees during an afternoon stroll around the grounds of Dumfries House in May this year using his Felco 2.
The image is one of a set that mark his 70th birthday

Felco Model 2 Original Secateurs

The Felco Number 2. Felco founder Felix Flisch established his company in 1945 with the goal of producing the very best pruning shears in the world. In 1948 the Felco no.2 was produced for the first time and the design has changed little in the 70 years that have followed. These market leading pair secateurs utilise shock absorbers to protect your wrists and are constructed using extremely robust aluminium alloy handles. The blades are made of steel and are superb at cutting through thick branches and woody stems.

We love the classic red handles, synonymous with Swiss design; the red colour makes them easy to spot should you happen to drop them in the undergrowth.