SensoRed_DIN A405_soloThe new °SensoRed® frypan, Made in Germany, with thermo-sensitive nonstick coating, has already earned an international seal of quality.

The latest product innovation from Fissler, the premium cookware manufacturer.  The frypan is based on an unusual design concept that makes it much easier to identify the ideal frying temperature which is often a challenge amateur cooks repeatedly face.  Thanks to its novel, thermo-sensitive nonstick coating, the °SensoRed® frypan indicates the ideal frying temperature by changing the colour of the entire inner pan surface.  When the speckles are hardly visible, the ideal frying temperature has been reached and the effect is reversible, and as the frying surface cools, the coloring returns to its original tone. Without needing any extra modules, apps, or accessory devices, the °SensoRed® is easy to use and ensures that food is fried perfectly.

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