FELCO has been bringing Swiss precision to pruning and cutting tools since 1945, which are recognised as the world’s finest by horticulturalists, professional growers and discerning gardeners. Manufactured with a legendary attention to detail, every FELCO tool is subject to more than 100 quality control processes during its production and assembly. This results in an exceptional level of performance and durability. All FELCO tools are designed to last many years with proper care, and any parts that become damaged can be easily replaced.

A full servicing option is available for FELCO secateurs, costing £25. This inclusive price covers all labour, parts and return postage. In your envelope or package, please ensure that you include your secateurs and return address. You may include either a cheque or your contact information so that we can reach you by telephone to arrange payment.

Please note, this service takes around 28 days. If you would prefer to carry out some basic cleaning and maintenance, or replace any lost/damaged parts yourself then you can find demonstration videos at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL351A72D2BAC5F8B5

Any secateurs for servicing should be addressed to:

Customer Services
Burton McCall Ltd
Conqueror House
Hastings Road

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