• NiteIze BigFoot Locker KeyRack for attaching several keys.
  • NiteIze CamJam Aluminium Cord Tightener
  • NiteIze DoohicKey Ratchet Key Tool
  • NiteIze GearLine for organising and storing your gear
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Nite Ize creates innovative, solution based products with quality, performance, and value at the core.

Innovation inspired the idea that has become Nite Ize, and will continue to drive our evolution into the future. As we grow, our vision is to build the Nite Ize brand to be recognized for imaginative products that make our customers’ lives easier, safer, and more fun. Our success should always be measured by the ongoing enthusiasm for Nite Ize products, our customer’s satisfaction, the development of our team and a minimal environmental impact.

From mobile accessories and gear ties to pet accessories and LED lights, Nite Ize has something for every member of the family.

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