Why isn’t my browser working with SFA?

Please make sure you are using any browser except Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

Clearing the cache of your browser and accept all cookies can fix login issues.


See below a video that shows how to place an order:

Can I cancel my order?

Due to our fast order processing service, unfortunately, we are unable to cancel an order once it has been placed you can still contact customer services.


How do I get a log in to connect on the portal?

Please send your request to your sales rep or directly to us sfa@bollingroup.com.


Do I have to pay a delivery charge for my order?

You’ll be charged £6 for any order below £250.


How do I change or add a delivery address?

When your account has been set up it should have been created with your preferred delivery address if you need to amend it please contact us. Each store has its own login.


I have not received an order confirmation email yet, how can I know my order has been placed?

When you have finished placing your order you should get an order number with this format: SO-XXXXXXX
At the checkout, you should have entered the email address you wish to receive the order confirmation if not please make sure to check your spam folder.


I forgotten my password; how can I change it?

Please email sfa@bollingroup.com for reset and when you have it keep it in a secure and unknown place.


Is there discount on the prices shown on the portal or a tiered discount structure for quantity?

All the prices showing are standard trade, for a special discount please contact your sales representative.


Can I receive a notification when an item is back into stock?

On SFA Burton McCall we have a colour code to notify the stock availability green means it’s in stock yellow means that there are less than 5 quantities available and red means the stock is negative.


If an item is out of stock can I still place a backorder?

On each item you have the stock colour code that shows the level of stock, SFA allows only ASAP orders and not forward orders.


Can I return an item I bought on SFA?

We are happy to accept returns please get in touch with customer service through customer.services@burton-mccall.com


How do I change my email address?

At the check out you can amend the email address, before confirming your order.


How do I search for an item?

You can search for an item with its description or barcode by simply using the search bar, and filter by brand if you click on product class and unselect all.
You can also change the view you can choose to see all the products as a list or as medium icons.


I find it difficult to use SFA can I get training on how to use it?

SFA is very easy to use and a self-service, we are happy to help please contact sfa@bollingroup.com to book an online demo by remote access.